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California’s July 1, 2020 Minimum Wage Increase

By Jaimee K. Wellerstein, Esq. Sorry California employers, California’s rigid wage and hour laws aren’t taking a break just because there’s a global pandemic. Employers should be aware that on July 1st, the minimum wage for many California employees increased. Although the State minimum wage remains $12.00 per hour for small employers (25 or fewer […]

Is There Anything to Celebrate in June of 2020? Yes, the June Anniversary of the Trial of Susan B. Anthony

By Dawn Cushman, Esq. The year 2020 will likely be remembered as noteworthy for many reasons, such as COVID-19 and the protests surrounding the death of George Floyd. There is, however, a reason to celebrate 2020. It is the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution. The 19th Amendment guarantees […]

Executive Order Creates Presumptions that California Workers with COVID-19 are Eligible for Workers’ Compensation Benefits

By Jaimee K. Wellerstein, Esq. On May 6, 2020, Governor Newsom issued Executive Order N-62-20 (Order), extending workers’ compensation benefits to employees who contract COVID-19 while working outside of their homes during California’s stay-at-home order. The Order creates a rebuttable presumption that if the employee worked outside the home and developed a COVID-19-related illness, then […]

COVID-19 Legal Updates for Los Angeles

By Jaimee K. Wellerstein, Esq. and Annette M. Barber, Esq. With cases of COVID-19 rising in Los Angeles, on April 7, 2020, City of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti issued two new COVID-19-related Public Orders to provide further protections for Los Angeles workers. The Worker Protection Order mandates that essential workers wear employer-provided face coverings, […]

What Happens When COVID-19 Affects Your Ability To Meet Contractual Obligations

By Kamil Canale, Esq. The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting companies and their ability to meet contractual obligations worldwide, and California is no exception. There are travel restrictions and supply issues. You may be having difficulties fulfilling orders because some of your workforce has become sick or your entire workforce been ordered home because your business […]

California Supreme Court Holds That Individual Employee Settlements Will Not Bar Employee’s PAGA Claims

By Jaimee K. Wellerstein, Esq. Likely not a surprise to California employers, the California Supreme Court has once again ruled on the side of the employees in Kim v. Reins International California, Inc. On March 12, 2020, the Court held that even after an employee settles and dismisses their individual wage and hour claims, that […]

Guidance for Employers on the Federal Families First Coronavirus Response Act and San Francisco’s Paid Sick Leave Ordinance

By Jaimee K. Wellerstein, Esq. and Annette M. Barber, Esq. The emergency nature of recent COVID-19 related legislation has left many employers with questions. This update will focus on new guidance provided by state and federal governmental agencies regarding the use of the federal Families First Coronavirus Response Act and San Francisco Paid Sick Leave. […]

Suspension of Cal-WARN Act Notice Requirements Provides Temporary Relief for California Employers

By Jaimee K. Wellerstein, Esq. BY Annette M. Barber, Esq. With the State of California largely on shut-down due to the COVID-19 epidemic, many businesses are facing the harsh reality that significant changes to their business and workforce are necessary. Unfortunately, as employers consider their options, unanticipated furloughs and reductions in force (RIF) are amongst […]

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Business Preparedness

By Jaimee K. Wellerstein, Esq. and Annette M. Barber, Esq. The outbreak of COVID-19 has multiple implications for today’s workplace, including the effect on business continuity, health and safety issues, leaves of absence, discrimination and travel. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has been publishing information daily, but with constant social media […]