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The “Spirited” Office Party – A Word of Caution

By Angela M. Rossi, Esq. Can an employer be liable for an employee’s car accident during his/her commute to and from work? Under the “going and coming” rule, employees are generally considered to be outside the course and scope of their employment while commuting between work and home. However, there are exceptions to this rule […]

The Unexpected Consequences When A Practical Joke Goes Awry

By Darren P. Salute, Esq. April 1 st , commonly referred to as “April Fool’s Day,” has arrived. Lots of people have fond memories of pulling practical jokes on one another back when they were in camp, high school, college, or at home. But practical jokes are one thing when you’re a kid or teenager, […]

Making All Fair In Love and Law

All’s fair in love and war? Not quite – especially in the age of social media. According to The Economist, the internet overtook other common meeting places for seeking romance (e.g., college, church, workplace, and even bars) as early as 2010. People are meeting and dating differently in the Cyber Age, and the law continues […]

Food Poisoning: What We’re Not Thankful For

By Anastasia Markie, Esq. Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season, and the centerpiece of the celebration is the elaborate holiday meal. Whether you’re celebrating at home or dining out, you don’t expect a side of salmonella with your turkey trimmings. Although food contamination is a danger all year round, many studies actually show […]

Legal Nightmares and Other Scary Stuff

By Lindy F. Bradley, Esq. As the days grow shorter and darkness falls a bit earlier, it can only mean one thing. Halloween is almost here! In the spirit of All Hallows’ Eve, Bradley & Gmelich LLP presents you with a few spooky tales to make you shiver in your shoes and hide behind the nearest pumpkin! […]

Protecting the Soul of Solar Power

By:  Stephan P. Hyun, Esq. As spring season is underway, you may work on some spring cleaning, perhaps tend to your plants and flowers that have started blossoming. With winter gone, the days are becoming longer and weather is getting warmer. You may be thinking of ways to take advantage of all this sunlight…this solar […]

An Epic Win for Employers – Scotus Rules That Class Action Waivers in Employment Arbitration Agreements Are Valid

By:  Jaimee K. Wellerstein, Esq. BREAKING NEWS! In a monumental victory for employers in one of the most significant employment rulings in recent history, the Supreme Court of the United States held on Monday, May 21, 2018 in Epic Systems Corp. v. Lewis that class action waivers in employment arbitration agreements do not violate the […]

Employment Update – Ninth Circuit Bars the Use of Prior Salary to Justify Gender-based Pay Disparity

By:  Lindy F. Bradley, Esq. On April 9, 2018, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously ruled that employers may no longer consider an employee’s prior salary, either alone or combined with other factors, to justify gender-based pay disparities. However, the Court noted that this new “general rule” may not apply “under all circumstances”, leaving […]

Early Evidence Preservation is Key to Analyzing the Risk of a Trucking Accident

Darren G. Mayers, Esq. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (“FMCSA”) there are approximately 4,000 deaths and 100,000 injuries from trucking accidents each year. Defending a trucking accident is unlike defending an automobile accident. The trucking industry is highly regulated and determining adherence to the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations (“FMVSR”) are key […]

The Natural Condition Immunity

What You Need to Know Before You Pitch Your Tent in the Great Outdoors this Spring Season As we approach the spring season, warmer temperatures are bound to entice outdoor enthusiasts to venture out to the wide open spaces to camp, hike and backpack. As we all know, there is no shortage of visually stunning […]